I don’t know about you, but this time of the year is one of the hardest for me as far as parenting goes. Days are still somewhat short, the wind is often howling, and there are so many illnesses going around that sometimes leaving the house either isn’t a possibility or feels like way more work than it’s worth.

These are the months that we need easy, simple activities that require little effort from us but keep our kids entertained and learning. This one is just that. It is just as fun inside and outside, which is another reason it is ideal for this time of year! I did this with my kids this week, and it kept my 4 year old happy and busy for an ENTIRE HOUR! That feels like a total win.

Here’s what we did:

We used a new-to-the-library toy (thanks to kind mama who donated it to us), a flower garden building set, but really any toy would do. This can be a lot of fun with puzzle pieces! I told my kids that this was kind of like hide and seek, but with toys, and my 4 year old was totally sold – my 23 month old wasn’t as excited but still enjoyed being outside with his sis. I had them hang out in the garage while I hid flowers all around our front yard and the neighbors yard (they have kids the same age as ours so we basically function like one big family a lot of the time).

When I was done, they came out to look around and as they found the flowers they put them onto the garden base that I had placed on the driveway. That’s it! While they looked around, I sat on the porch and enjoyed the sunshine. I even got to drink a hot cup of coffee!

I hope this can be an easy go-to activity for you (inside or out) as we move through these last few months of colder weather. Let me know if you give it a try!